HOA Expert Certification

Did you ever wonder, as an HOA board member, if there’s a way for you to help launch your entire board and community toward a higher level of efficiency? There is! Get certified as your association’s resident HOA expert!

(Oregon and Washington only for now. The program will be offered later this year in our other states.)

Being a board member is a hard job, and you may be struggling with community issues, tough homeowners, and tricky situations. You may not have the resources or answers you need, and your authority can be difficult to assert. We can help with our HOA Expert Certification Program, created for you so you have the credentials and knowledge to run your community with ease. With more than 30 years in the industry, we are a resource for you to utilize, allowing you to become the expert. Attend our events, ask all of your pressing questions, get helpful tools, and become an official “HOA Expert” with our rewarding certification program.

How the Program Works:

  • Fill out start up form: Open Form in New Window. (Note: Download for interactive option, or print to fill out by hand.)
  • Pay $69 sign-up fee; it includes a voucher for free attendance to a forum of your choice, which we will send you in our welcome package.
  • Attend an approved course. We will keep track of your attendance for you, but have created the Course Tracking Sheet for you to monitor your progress. This document also gives the dates and location that each topic will be presented in 2015.
    • Governing Documents
    • Collections/Finances
    • Meetings/Minutes
    • Reserves OR Maintenance
    • Insurance OR Enforcement
    • One Advanced Program of Your Choice
  • Pass the short “HOA Expert Quiz.” Upon completion of program, please click here to take your quiz.

Upon Certification, You Will Receive:

  • An Updated Oregon HOA Handbook and Statute Book
  • The Official Board Guide: a binder full of resources, logs, and sections to organize all of your board’s important records, documents, minutes, budgets, etc.
  • Certificate of achievement, signed by HOAdvisor attorney
  • Mention in the VF newsletter
  • Free lunch with an HOAdvisor attorney
  • One (additional) free forum attendance for yourself or person of your choosing

Get certified so you have the knowledge and credentials to run your community with authority and experience. For more information, download the sign up form or contact Amanda at 503.684.4111 ext.311 or ajb@vf-law.com.

Note: If you wish to register via email and pay using PayPal, visit: Certification Sign-up Page.