Why Vial Fotheringham

Vial Fotheringham is the only law firm in the area to offer such a wide array of services for homeowner and condominium associations. While we work cooperatively with developers and management companies, we are one of the only law firms practicing this type of law that doesn't represent them. This allows us to avoid any conflicts of interest in our HOA claims and provide associations with the best legal guidance possible. Our comprehensive approach is built around four important services:

  1. Assisting and Serving Boards of Directors

    We help boards of directors avoid the pitfalls that are common to homeowner association leadership through our high level of understanding, commitment, and ongoing communication. We make use of proactive analysis to solve problems early on (so there is as little conflict as possible), tailor our services to fit each HOA board uniquely, and always try to employ alternative dispute resolution tactics when necessary. Whether it's the management of a difficult meeting, preparation of an important resolution, interpretation of complex governing documents, or crisis management, our experienced staff will provide your board with the best possible advice, assistance, and representation.

  2. Fiscal Management

    While professional managers and accountants are extremely important in the day-to-day operation of a homeowner association, every HOA eventually finds that they need to enforce common assessments in order to maintain an even revenue stream and ensure the health of their community. Our proven effective collection system helps make your past-due assessments current, improves cash flow, and helps prevent delinquencies in the future.

    Best of all, we now offer an online collections system, which gives the board members and managers 24/7 access to every document, due, and lien filed on the account, as well as up-to-the-minute status updates. Visit our Collections page for more details.

  3. Vigorous Pursuit of Association Rights

    When all else fails, sometimes an association has to assert its rights through the legal process. At Vial Fotheringham, we have an unprecedented record in protecting the legal rights of homeowner and condominium associations, and we use this experience to make your community's issue as easy and smooth as possible. In the unfortunate event where a construction defect is causing problems for you and your neighbors, we can help your community recover the costs it needs, as our firm is the ONLY in Oregon with two reported construction defect cases from the Oregon Court of Appeals to its credit. We've also successfully negotiated numerous construction defect cases out of court, and represented clients in dozens of non-construction defect litigation matters.

  4. Education of Association Directors, Board Members, and Managers

    Vial Fotheringham takes the very unique approach of being a "teaching" firm, and makes use of every opportunity to educate those who run or manage homeowner associations. Our Regional HOA Law Centers provides numerous educational forums, courses, and seminars, as well as publications and articles. We pride ourselves on providing as much information to our local community's as possible, in order to make everyone's job a little easier. Check our Events, Resources, and Learning Store pages to see for yourself!