HOA/Condo Publications

The HOA Law Center is a subsidiary of Vial Fotheringham LLP and is provided as a resource and education center. Among other important functions, it produces HOA Handbooks and Statute Reference books. We offer these publications for sale as powerful resources for community associations.

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HOA Statute Book - UT, ID, OR, AZ, CO, & WA Editions

Our statute books comprise a convenient collection of the most relevant state laws for Homeowner and Condominium Associations.
Idaho Note: Idaho's statutes are compiled and available in our Idaho Handbook: The Official Board Guide, Records and Resources. This is available now! Please contact Rosemary...  

The Official HOA Handbook - UT, ID, OR, WA, CO and AZ Editions

Learn what every board member should know about their local homeowner and condominium association!
The current 3rd edition handbook is made up-to-date with the free supplement; email ajb@vf-law.com if you still need one to be sent to you.
Idaho Note: The second edition of the Official...  
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