Foreclosure Help

Foreclosure Help

Foreclosure Defense: We Can Help

Foreclosures are an impending threat to many communities and families nation wide. However, if you are concerned about losing your home, we can help.

Vial Fotheringham understands the difficult level of financial and emotional stress that accompanies this situation. We have seen it first hand, and know how to assist you if you are in danger of losing your home, no matter the reason or circumstance. Many people have foreclosure defenses and options they are unaware of, which is why we step in, to use our knowledge of the law and experience with foreclosure to support and help you.

Many individuals or families swept up in a foreclosure have little knowledge of the law, are manipulated by service providers, or think they just can't afford help. Lenders and service providers on the opposite side of a foreclosure situation take advantage of these circumstances, and often act as if they hold your best interests in mind, all the while moving ahead with the action to benefit themselves. Due to these many reasons, people undergoing a foreclosure often end up doing nothing until it is too late or the case is over, and they have lost their ability to negotiate or defend.

Our job is to avoid outcomes like this, and our only goal is to rescue your home. We take your individual case to heart, and find the best possible options for you based on the specifics of your situation.

If you are in danger of being foreclosed upon, or if a foreclosure case has already been filed against your home, please contact Alicia Beesley at to learn more and find out how we can best help you.